Whether you are an investor seeking real estate investment opportunities in the Inland Empire or the High Desert Region, a corporate client with changing space needs, or the sole proprietor of a company looking for land or a building to expand its operation, I stand ready to be your real estate advisor. I am ready to help you achieve your real estate objectives with one or more of the following integrated services:


Investment Advisory Services

I devote almost 50% of my time analyzing economic, demographic and real estate trends in order to identify emerging markets in the Inland Empire: or evaluating specific industrial, office and land investment opportunities for my clients. The research reports and articles on this website are a byproduct this effort.
As the real estate markets in the region evolved over time, I have helped my clients refine and adapt new investment strategies. I have also assisted them in implementing their strategies by acquiring or disposing of properties in ways that increased their return on equity while mitigating risk.
I first became involved with real estate investment properties in 1970 when I worked with Smith Barney, a major Wall Street Investment Banking firm, to form the first Coldwell Banker Real Estate Pension Fund, which I subsequently managed.
I often recommend taking positions in quality properties in the path of growth that will generate an adequate rate of return from operating income in the short term: but high rates of appreciation over the investment horizon.

The Acquisition of Land for Development & Investment

The best time to invest in land is during the early expansion phase of the real estate cycle, and it is usually wise to liquidate positions in land before the real estate cycle starts to peak.
Given where the Inland Empire and, in particular, the High Desert are in the real estate cycle, I think now is time to invest in land in the High Desert.
My research strongly suggests residential development will begin to accelerate this year and it will make significant contributions to the economic growth of High Desert during the final three years of this decade. I also believe land investments should be in sites that will be absorbed by commercial, industrial or single family home developments during this next expansion period.
A thorough understanding of urban growth patterns and knowledge of planned local transportation and infrastructure programs greatly increases the level of success in land investments: as does a knowledge of site planning, zoning and engineering issues. My hands-on development experience has enabled me to better advise my clients when evaluating the acquisition of land parcels for development or investment. Over the years I have created financial models, which I use to inform investors on the financial aspects of each investment opportunity.

Tenant/Buyer (User) Representation

I have assisted corporate clients and individual proprietors to lease space in retail centers, industrial buildings or office complexes. I have also worked with such firms to purchase land for their own development. In some cases, I have also identified developers who could do a Build-to-Suit for my client.
My services include providing information on the submarkets that could satisfy their needs, identifying specific buildings and/or sites for their consideration: conducting a comparison of the alternative solutions: preparing and submitting lease or acquisition proposals: and assisting my clients in the negotiations to lease space or acquire property.
This is a service I will continue to provide to industrial, office and retail users and tenants that want to locate in the Inland Empire.

Landlord/Seller Representation

I also provide leasing services to clients I have assisted in the purchase of investment properties.
If the properties are located in the Los Angeles Basin portion of the Inland Empire, I will team up with an agent who operates out of an office close to the project who has an intimate knowledge of the leasing activity in its submarket.
If the property is in the High Desert, I will team up with a Coldwell Banker Commercial agent who focuses on leasing the property type in the High Desert.
I believe in the team approach when it comes to leasing: but I team up with different agents depending on the type of real estate and its location.

Consulting Services

Over the years a limited number of my corporate and institutional clients as well as some individual property owners required a customized service to analyze a real estate situation or to accomplish a task that did not involve a lease or sales transaction.
As a partner in the Real Estate Consulting Division of KPMG, an International accounting and consulting firm, I typically provided such services on a fee or retainer basis. Since 2004, when I first became involved with Commercial Real Estate Brokerage in the High Desert, I have completed several consulting engagements, which included: (1) a development management service to master plan the first phase of Jess Ranch Marketplace, (2) development and market feasibility studies, (3) the determination of long term real estate trends in a region to formulate strategic real estate investment plans, (4) obtaining the necessary entitlements for the development of an office project and (5) the comparison of alternative office space solutions.
In some cases I have used the financial model I had developed over the years to estimate the financial impact of alternative solutions.